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3 questions to Alexandre Escolle

Relais & Châteaux




Alexandre Escolle

Relais & Châteaux

Commercial Director, in charge of gift market.           



How to summarize the Gifts activity Relais & Châteaux ?


This is the market of Relais & Châteaux offers and destinations passing through the logic of gifts. Materially, this is concretized by about thirty Thematic Boxes. A fl ow of more than 50,000 shipments a year to manage, all over the world, even if it is in Europe, and especially in France, that the vast majority of our business is realized.


In this mode of marketing, which represents an annual turnover of approximately 20 million euros per year, the BtoB market dominates, accounting for 2/3 of sales. These highly qualitative gift offers serve the stimulating strategies (on internal target, sales forces), but also of customer loyalty, as corporate gifts.



In addition, the BtoBtoC and BtoC components of the activity, whose sales fl ows come from different channels: our Boutique Relais & Châteaux in Paris, stores (La Fnac and Printemps Voyages mainly), and our website for





At the end of 2016, you entrusted MLink with a beautiful logistical mission. What can we say about that?


For us, MLink ensures storage management and all order and delivery fl ows, both for BtoB (businesses and stores) and BtoC. All order flows go directly to the MLink back office. Preparation of packages with activation of the box code;
Personalization if necessary; Good hinge upstream and downstream to ensure on a daily basis with our carriers (Chronopost for France and UPS for the foreigner)...

It is no simple sendings!


It is a question of control tool, code management, connectivity, electronic payment structure...

That is significant, especially since we sometimes «go down» in the logistics of grocery store!



How does this recent collaboration with MLink work?


It’s going very well! Since the origin of the exchanges, the whole team has fully understood our problems and well integrated our issues. This start-up of the collaboration was risky, taking place on the eve of the endof- year celebrations, a crucial period of our activity. There was no room for the «rough» of the setting up, it was a sine qua non of our confidence!


Imagine that I just sent a congratulatory mail to whoever, to acknowledge the quality of the work done by the team. As our business progress, we have many things to do together.