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Security and Certifications

Going beyond the culture of professional secrecy


Our customers’purchasing price, customer data and prospects listings, type of marketing segment, product or service innovations, etc…By virtue of our activities, we are used to and very sensitive to the fact that we work with customers’ confidential data.

This data must remain completely secure against any risk of being divulged. In this context, what characterises our profession of logistics coordinators is the quality of human relations and trust. 
But we have decided to go even further, by pre-empting any risk, both physical and digital, which can from “outside forces”.



Physical security
   • Security agent24 hours/day, and a security team
   • Video-surveillance 24 hours/day,
   • Access control,
   • Anti-intrusion system.


Fire safety: making sure that there is no risk for your products
   • Alarm reports sent to the security agent and telemonitoring for immediate response by fire fighters.


System Security: your information is continuously backed-up
  • Traceability of products and operations
   • All the computer and IT systems are doubled in order to guarantee business continuity in every case
   • Back-up procedures are written and regularly tested.




MLink, like the entire MPO group is certified ISO 9001