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Your ideas deserve
their dedicated logistics

Our IT architecture

The objective consists of supplying you with complete, simple and perfect communication. Our IT service offers several flexible possibilities adapted to your needs.

You can rely on our WMS (Warehouse Management System) softwaretool which is part of a SOA (Service-Orientated Architecture) architecture.


Main characteristics and specific advantages

This architecture has a simple and flexible architecture

So that we can adapt to all customers’ existing applications
 For a single and same applicative logic connected and interconnected to the MPO Group’s different core activities


If you already have a mature organisation:


 We will interface in a few clicks with your ERP, your sales management or your e-commerce solutions (Prestashop, Magento, etc… )


We can manage your business anywhere and at any moment.


 We will supply you with a web-access to our WMS

 Thus you can manage the different logistics steps by yourself:expected delivery times, inputting orders, monitoring shipping, etc…


If you are starting up your business:


 We will accompany you by supplying Excel framesto integrate yourdifferent databasesand ordering processes.

 We will then keep you up-to-date regarding the status of your orders and the state of your stock viaemails