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MLink Services, c'est en France, en Allemagne, en Espagne, au Portugal et en Thaïlande.


MLink Services France is located in Mayenne, at Villaines-la-Juhel.
In the same geographic area as our sister entities MPO and MPack, this facility, in the historical cradle of the MPO International group is strategic for our customers.

Wherever its international offices and facilities are located, MLink ensures the smooth integration of its resources, capacities and technologies for its customers and that of other service providers to design, implement and manage their supply chains or complex operations.

• In the heart of France, MLink Services flagship logistics centre is the place where all the group synergies and mutual value creation contributions come together every day and via diverse and complex projects for the benefit of each of its customers. 
This logistics centresupplies services throughout France, Europe and the world.

For any complex project (the most often in the framework of combined joint efforts with MPO and MPack), MLink Services ensures for its customers the transport of their services by ad hoc solutions. 

For an optimum coverage of the South of Europe, MLink Services is present: 
- In the heart of Spain in Madrid
- In the heart of Portugal in Lisbon
- But also in the heart of Germany in Cologne

With a strategic presence in South-East Asia.
- In the heart of South-East Asia in Bangkok (Thailand), where
MLink works with MPO SCM its dedicated logistics subsidiary.




Network and Organisation



France   - Villaines-la-Juhel

= Trade office

= Logistics Centre

Spain   - Madrid

Logistics Centre

Portugal   - Lisbonne

= Trade office

Germany   - Cologne

= Trade office

Logistics Centre






- Bangkok


Trade office

Logistics Centre