MPO International's 

Your ideas deserve
their dedicated logistics



In MLink Services, there is service with a capital “S”.

This “S” could also be that of Synergies.


Between the group’s different production and service structures (MPO, MPack and MLink), natural synergies are generated daily for our customers.


For a single and same customer, this way of operating via its “natural” synergies is perfectly emblematic of MPO International’s singularity and strategic vision.


-   offering service integration thanks to 3 interacting and entwined operating units.


-   offering to combine their expertise and specialised core activities: industrial capacity, packaging, sourcing, packing and co-packing, logistics...


-   thus capitalising on the “1+1= 3” linked core activities and know-how in order to find solutions for a wide range ofissues, in particular “communicative” logistics, marketing-promotion, events, On-demand... 


For our customers, these effective synergy contributions constitute a key singularity ofMLink.


A competitive edge in finding innovative solutions to wide-ranging issues designed in a single andsame integrated strategic vision, in the same place, with the same inter-connectingcommercial relationship, with the same quality and cost requirements.