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Your ideas deserve
their dedicated logistics

History and ambition


MLink Services, logistics at the service of your sales.

Being closer to go further, your products deserve their dedicated logistics.


Dedicated to the most diverse logistics services, MLink has been since 2012 an independent unit of the MPO International group which showcases its values.

Close to 4 years after its strategic decision to become an autonomousunit (it was previously Fiege MPO), MLink’s unusual business model has grownbeyond the “traditional” services that companies can expect from their logistics operators.




From the simplest logistics missions to the most ambitious and complex ones (necessitating an advisory and programmatic vision, as well as all the qualitative levers of upstream-downstream services integration), MLink is proud of its human size when proposing to its customers logistics engineering based on human commitment and engagement and technical flexibility, vital ingredients of a true, optimized logistics/service offer and a true made-to-measure vocation.

The field of know-how and logistics operating processes which MLink proposes is thus vast, in terms:

- of the target customer sectors: national and international players from Home Entertainment to Premium market brands

- consignee procedures and targets: processing B2B, B2C but also Bto1targets!

- the types of service offered: retail; e-commerce;cross-channel; marketing and promotion; on demand. Without forgetting cross-functional cross-docking interventions to reply to different service offer scenarios, in particular for complex operations and packages.


The culture and entertainment markets

Promotional markets and premium market salesevents

Added-value made-to-measure logistics


Due to its history as a vital cog of the MPO Group,MLink has managed to develop in a seamless mannera unique and original approach as a logistics operator which is offers both a full range of services and close proximity.

For our customers, these are MLink’s strong points:


Close business relations


Exceptional value of our service integration 


The key advantages of logistics “complexity management"


Communicating is part of our DNA




Retail, e-commerce, cross-channel without forgetting cross-docking services 


Marketing-communication,on-demand customization


Ad hoc missions for customer supply chain interfaces