MPO International's 

Your ideas deserve
their dedicated logistics


You have a customizable range of products, we will accompany you in their industrial customization, their packing and their one-to-one routing


Proposing unique products “Just for you” and “Just in time”, or the art of building one-to-one marketing relations

Today, this product customization is no longer a specialised niche, it is a marketing opportunity which can reply to massive expectations...


Thanks to our industrialisation capacity, on an as-and-as when and unique basis, if you wish tocustomize your offers, all you have to do is confide your digital files to us. We will look after the rest!


MLink has the industrial means to customize on an as-and-as when basis and in a unique manner, all types of materials and media:

- textile (caps, sweaters, t-shirts...)

- ad hoc goodies

- mugs, photo frames, telephone cases

- CDs...


Thus, MLink is the integrated and reactive operator which can manage and supply the logistics of your On Demand marketing initiatives.


On the basis ofyour one-to-one marketing relations, interfaced with your Internet merchant site (or your CRM software, the Facebook page of fans of your brands…), our know-how covers the entire service operational chain.


Based on the desires of your Internet customers, we react to satisfy their orders in a customized manner:


-       daily processing of Internet customer orders

-       industrial processing of your an as-and-as when customization needs

-       packing

-       On-time delivery of these unique products for your customers


Pooling together different know-how and expertise, our service integrator capacity enables us to reply in one single voice to all of your needs.


At the service of your relational and emotional marketing


 Global advice for your On Demand offers