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Your ideas deserve
their dedicated logistics

Marketing & promotion

MLink’s historical speciality is the management of logistics flows and services linked to the marketing and communication challenges of your company, your brand and your products.

When it concerns showcasing your brands’ operational marketing and singularity, your ideas deserve a dedicatedlogistics service.


From trucks full of products delivering throughout Europe to personalised parcels, MLink proposes highly innovative, flexible and added value ideasto manage your marketing and promotion logistics,...


This expertise is rooted in 15 years of experience servicing the tough Home Entertainment market sectors (music, video, video games, cultural and fun offers…) in which marketing culture and network facilitating are key ingredients in differentiating products, its creative visibility and, in the end, its commercial potential.


Under the generic term of “promo logistics” we pool together know-how and expertise from different operating methods to reply:


● to your challenges and the managementof your B2B networks by proposing our global logistics services in the day-to-day development of your sales.


 to your challenges and potential B2C opportunities via direct contacts with consumers including 1to1!

We hope to convince you to envisage, as we do, communication logistics as a direct media channel, creating brand affinity and a consumer link which is too often poorly exploited by companies.


At the service of your B2B operational marketing and sales promotion campaigns


Your logistics as a unique relational B2C link with your end customer


Producer AND Logistics Coordinator: 1 + 1 = 3 with MLink


Logistics, a media channelrich with possibilities: we propose solutions, you use them