MPO International's 

Your ideas deserve
their dedicated logistics

Made-to-measure & added value

To reply to your logistics requirements and to make sure that to your end customers are delivered on time we have developed expertise and know-how which is fully integrated into a global service integration logic.


Our objective is to help you sell more without you having to be preoccupied with operational interfaces,

whilst having, permanently, all the information necessary for the stock management and delivery of your products.

This broad vision of our profession truly excites us. It enables us to offer you both innovative and complete solutions for the management of your f flows, both B2B and B2C.


Listening to our customers is important for us.

We attach great importance to the initial phase when we listen to you expressing your needs. This enables us to look at your business from a differentviewpointin order to find the right solution for you and to implement it.

This made-to-measure approach which can impact an IT, technical or operational aspectof the global processgeneratesprogress and innovative logistics.


It is not for your needswhich shouldmerge into our solutions, but our solutions and processes which should adapt to your demands


Logistics solutions and complex services: the ultimate made-to-measure service




La Perfect flow management


The seasonality of markets, the opportunity to demonstrate logistics performance


E-commerce must not deprive your customer of the pleasure of face-to-face service


Each project is unique, as is your dedicated contact


Shipping and delivery: 3 corner stone solutions


Managing returns