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In charge of preparing a customer’s orders and shipping it, logistics coordinators have a key position in the e-commerce quality chain.

Between your customer’s digital purchasing decision and the physical acquisition of the order, thelogistics coordinatoris the only physical person who intervenes in the name of your brands and your offers...


From their computers, tablets or smartphones, consumers have taken to online purchasing. In the space of just two decades, for all types of markets and products, e-commerce has rapidly become a mass market, and one full of potential.


In the absence of physical sales advice and the smile of a sales assistant, between the digital dimension of your merchant website and the physical use of the product, the logistics coordinator’s role is of vital importance. As an extension of your website, the logistics service therefore has a direct and measurable impact in the quality chain.


At the service of this virtuous circle which needs to be created and developed together, MLink considers that it is our role and our responsibility to “impose” ourselves as true partners at your side:


• by giving your customer full satisfaction during his or her purchasing experience (we know that if there is any logistics problem, your customer will blame the merchant website).

• byknowing that your brand image and your e-reputation are decisive factors in your e-commerce competitive edge.


By choosing MLink as a partner, your arebanking on an experienced and agile logistics coordinator which knows how to organise its service offer in order to better reply to the specific requirements of e-commerce logistics for the entire spectrum of its specificities.


A flexible and adaptable logistics coordinator


IT power, robustness and agility


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