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Cross-channel logistics

Between your direct retail sales challenges and via your e-commerce business, your commercial success is bound by the joint performance of your different product routing channels.

With MLink, opt for a quality cross-channel logistics service which has been well designed, is closely monitored with an effective budget management



Even if your customers access your offers via different purchasing channels, he or she is always unique and treated as such!

They “traditionally”purchase in your sales network(s), or purchase online via your merchant website and/or those of your distributor web partners.


Above is a simple overview of the issues of cross-channel logistics which we can reply to by proposing the combined and optimisedmanagement of product routing flows to the right public and according to their specificities:

-       the B2B flows which are part of traditional retail sales logistics

-       and in parallel, the B2C flows which are part of e-commerce logistics


In order to optimize and find synergies between the traditional retail supply chain and e-commerce, MLink is always looking for:

-       the best made-to-measure solution for an optimized cross-channel logistics service

-       the best possible match between performance and cost optimization


A single interface for a single global logistics monitoring system


Management visibility with a single cross-channel stock management system